Prefixes And It’s Remarkable Syntactic Realms In Grammar


This paper deals with affixes in general and prefixes in particular. Prefixes can be considered as one of the most important field in grammar, for they alter either the meaning, position or use of the word to which they are affixedIn this paper, we tackle prefixes from syntactic, semantic and phonological point of view in order to reduce the gap of information one might have in his knowledge of this subject.Throughout this research we find no piece of information being neglected concerning the topic subject; hence this paper is full of detailed information covering every angle related to the topic. Moreover, we lay out simple and clear examples of words or sentences, which can be described as expressive and enable the reader to understand what he reads easily. Finally, we hope that our work is good enough to be appreciated, although many genius linguists have dealt with this subject comprehensively; but we are trying to put forward all our knowledge, ability and skills between the hands, and we sure that the appreciation would be judicious.