Damping Inter -Area Electromechanical Oscillation In Two- Area Electrical Power System Using Power System Stabilizer.


In this paper a Delta- Omega Power system stabilizer (PSS) is used to damp the inter – area electromechanical oscillation, the simulated system consists of two fully symmetrical areas linked together by two 230 KV tie lines of 300 Km length. Each area is equipped with one identical round rotor generators rated 20 KV/900 MVA. The synchronous machines have identical parameters, in addition to a DC exciters with a gain of 200. The load is represented as constant impedances and split between the areas in such a way that area 1 is exporting 40 MW to area 2. The reference load – flow with Machine 1 (G1) is considered the slack machine and machine 2 (G2) is considered the voltage controlling (PV bus). The simulated system before the disturbance was stressed due to the loading effect of the constant impedances which are applied by the system, so this stressed steady state operating point has caused synchronous machines to undergo electromechanical oscillation (hunting). Simulation results showed that the stabilizer displayed a good performance during large perturbations. The system responses to a three-phase fault cleared in 8 cycles by opening the circuit breakers of the faulted tie line is simulated by Matlab Simulink environment.