Reality in Kuwaiti Poetry: A Psychological Study


Oil discovery stage was the cofactor of the realistic trend growth in gulfcontemporary poetry, and because gulf society got rich quickly at this stage whichchanged the reality of these people put poverty, hunger, deprivation and injustice tothe reality more welfare good live, starying of a new stage of a civilized social life, nodoubt this change at this stage has helped the trend towards realistic poetrytechnically and objectively unlike the romantic and affective stage, which takes theimagination of the poet toward a broader horizon to achieve self-melody, romantic andto access to the ideal world of the narrative events, it can be a passion or naturetangible or intangible in a very artistic images. The trend represented in Ibrahim Al-A'areidh, Ghazi al-Quseibi, Khalifa, and Ahmed al-Adwan and others.