Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Roller Compacted Concrete


The main aim of this research is to study the effect of using the additive materials (hydrated lime and metakaolin) on the behavior of roller compacted concrete. The experimental work includes several trial mixes to choose the most suitable roller compacted concrete mix in terms of physical concrete properties. The first step is to specify the optimum cement and water content which is designed in laboratory using 300 kg/m3 of cement and 0.5 W/C ratio while the second step the only variation is using the optimum sand content of 700 kg/m3 and the third step the variation is using the optimum percentage of the additive materials (metakaolin and hydrated lime) at percentages (5%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 25%) as a partial replacement by weight of cement, the optimum percentage of 15% of (HL and MK) as a partial replacement of cement at different ages. The research also includes studying the physical properties (compressive strength, splitting tensile strength and flexural strength) of specimens with additive materials and without additive materials. Also the results of RCC specimens with additive materials (MK and HL) show improvement in compressive strength, splittingtensile andflexural strength (modulus of rupture) compared with the specimen without additive materials.