Effect of organic fertilizers on some of the qualities of shoot and root growth for pomegranate seedlings (Punica granatum L .)


This study was conducted for the 2012 season in two different locations in the province of Anbar, the first site Enshi newly Sufis area of the city of Ramadi, near the the Euphrates River The second site is is located in the desert the Thmal area, which lies(70 km) southwestern of the Ramadi city) to study some of the different types of organic fertilizers (poultry remnants, peatmos fertilizer, remnants of cows, sheep remnants) and,1,2,3 concentrations of kg. -1 And each tree type and fertilizer at the site Qualities of shoot and root growth of two types of pomegranate are Salimi and wonderful. were used two types of irrigation water are freshwater in the first site (Sufia) and sulfur water at the site second (Thumel). Been obtained Seedlings from a nursery-governmental organizations accredited in the province of Najaf. Seedlings were Agriculture in the first site on 21.03.2013 and on 22.03.2013 at the second location. Use randomized block design full design Split plot (Split plot design) and three replicates for each class and location. Per site included on line 12, and the distance between the line and the last 4 m and the distance between seedlings 4 m and all seedlings were considered experimental unit, which numbered 78 seedlings at each site. Results showed that fertilizer treatment significantly affected the poultry recipes (leaf area Chlorophyll, dry %matter, potassium ) (6.62و4.22cm2, 68.31SPAD ,91.00 و87.65 %,1.80و1.65% ) Reaching The results also showed that the fertilizer treatment peatmos a significant impact on recipes (root length and number of roots) reaching (84.33, 70.00, 40.44 and 40.31) for my study first and second, respectively .