Data Classification using Quantum Neural Network


In this paper, integrated quantum neural network (QNN), which is a class of feedforward neural networks (FFNN’s), is performed through emerging quantum computing (QC) with artificial neural network(ANN) classifier. It is used in data classification technique, and here iris flower data is used as a classification signals. For this purpose independent component analysis (ICA) is used as a feature extraction technique after normalization of these signals, the architecture of (QNN’s) has inherently built in fuzzy, hidden units of these networks (QNN’s) to develop quantized representations of sample information provided by the training data set in various graded levels of certainty. Experimental results presented here show that (QNN’s) are capable of recognizing structures in data, a property that conventional (FFNN’s) with sigmoidal hidden units lack. In addition, (QNN) gave a kind of fast and realistic results compared with the (FFNN). Simulation results indicate that QNN is superior (with total accuracy of 97.778%) than ANN (with total accuracy of 93.334%).