Free Convective Heat Transfer in an Enclosure Filled with Porous media with and without Insulated Moving Wall


ABSTRACT The present work is concerned with the free convective two dimensional flow and heat transfer, in isotropic fluid filled porous rectangular enclosure with differentially heated walls for steady state incompressible flow have been investigated for non-Darcy flow model. Effects of Darcy number (0.0001  Da  10), Rayleigh number (10  Ra  5000), and aspect ratio (0.25  AR  4), for a range of porosity (0.4    0.9) with and without moving lower wall have been studied. The cavity was insulated at the lower and upper surfaces. The right and left heated surfaces allows convective transport through the porous medium, generating a thermal stratification and flow circulations. It was found that the Darcy number, Rayleigh number, aspect ratio, and porosity considerably influenced characteristics of flow and heat transfer mechanisms. The results obtained are discussed in terms of the Nusselt number, vectors, contours, and isotherms.