Total Quality Environmental Management and its Impact in Cleaner Production Technology Practices: An Investigation Study For Employees's Opinions in the State Company For Drug Industries And Medical Appliances in Nineveh


The research aims to find a relationship between quality management and comprehensive environmental and cleaner production technology, and knowledge of the implications of (TQEM) practices cleaner production technology in the General Company for the manufacture of medicines and medical supplies/Nineveh, which represented the research community, in order to enhance the quality of environmental performance and improve practices to reduce waste and pollutants and good use of resources and re-used.To achieve this, it has been constructing a model search on the assumption existing research on the basis that there is a positive impact for the (TQEM) in the promotion practices cleaner production technology, has been reached to a set of results and conclusions and suggestions that focused on the interrelationship of (TQEM) and cleaner production, which that will help improve the quality of environmental management through the use of practices that reduce waste and waste and pollutants and improve the environmental situation of the organization.