Poly-Condensation of CDTA with Some Diamines


In this research, new condensed polymers (A1-A8) were prepared by poly condensation between 1, 2-cyclohexyl diamine tetraacetic acid CDTA with different diamines such as 1, 6-Diamino hexane, Melamine, 3,3-,5,5--Tetramethyl benzidine, Benzidine and Cystine. These prepared chelate polymers could be used to remove heavy metals and toxic metal ions in many industrial processes as well as acting as sequestrate for metal ions. The all prepared polymers were characterized by 1H-NMR and FT-IR spectra. The thermal analyses (TGA, DSC) were studied, the intrinsic viscosities were calculated at 30 ˚C using Ostwald viscometer, and all physical properties were measured.