Study The Relationship Between ABO Blood Groups And Gingivitis Disease


Objectives : Design this study to determine whether there was a relationship between gingival diseases and ABO blood groups .Methods : Data were collected from 129 subjects who were randomly selected from students referred to the Faculty of Dentistry .The study based on periodontal condition, blood group, and medical history. The effects of blood subgroups on periodontal health, gingivitis and periodontitis were investigated separately.Results : In the present study, all the cases were first segregated into groups based on Loe and Silness index as: group I (mild (initial) gingivitis), group II (moderate( early) gingivitis), and group III (sever (established) gingivitis), and were further divided into four grades based on Ramfjord's Periodontal Index. Blood samples were analyzed to determine blood group and Rhesus factor.Conclusions : ABO blood subgroups and Rh factor may constitute a risk factor on the development of periodontal disease. However, long-term studies are needed to make a more comprehensive assessment of the effects of ABO group on periodontal diseases.