Geographic Analysis of the Livestock in Iraq and its Natural and biotic problems and its development potentialities.


Iraq has many types of pets Kalognam , goats , cows , buffaloes , and abound in rich areas Bmraiha fertile , since Iraq is primarily an agricultural country , and the man was and still relies heavily on its products which compose the second half of agricultural production . Which keeps them supplied food as well as other luxury needs , as well as the use Pfdiladtha fertilizer to the soil ... However suffer livestock in Iraq, many of the problems of natural and human life , as a result of negligence or palaces or government policies, unbalanced , and what concerns us in this paper is to highlight the problems related to natural conditions and life , Kalmhakl relating to pastures and water resources and diseases.Stationed search towards four main axes , aims first axis to the statement of economic significance and food for livestock , and focuses second axis to the statement of numerical properties and quality of livestock in Iraq and their distributions , while projecting third axis light on the most important problems of this wealth , while the fourth axis Putting to find a solution to the problems afflicting this wealth in Iraq .