Synthetic CharacteristicsOf Traditional Historic Houses Entrances In Old City Of Mosul


Abstract:The traditional and heritage houses of Mosul old city have significant architectural value represented by their distinctive characteristics. The main entrances and gates of these buildings with their constructed features located in touch with alleys indicate the building importance and identify the social level of their residents. The paper aims to define the synthetic characteristics and relations of the detailed structural elements constituting the main entrances of the traditional houses in Mosul old city, by gathering, analyzing and classifying these elements in categories according to their architectural details and materials, in order to employ them in providing a digital data base to be used in documentation, reconstruction and conservation activities. The paper also aims to present guidelines and recommendations for creating the virtual objects library for the entire architectural elements of the building in Mosul old city. Research results showthe great diversity of structural elements and synthetic relationships of the heritage houses entrances in Mosul old city, with high harmony between these various elements, referring to the old architects attempts for enriching and improving the alleys heritage facades using architectural elements details, and systematic construction processes.Keywords: Synthetic characteristics, Entrances, Traditional houses, Built Heritage, Mosul Old City