Application of different statistical tests to measure the compatibility on health data relating to chronic disease taken from al-yarmouk teaching hospital


This paper deals with constructing and application of some statistical tests, in order to test the hypothesis related with chronic disease, taken from a national information center for treating chronic disease which have been established at Yarmuk hospital in Baghdad. The data taken represents; (A: Diabetes Mellitus), (B: Hyper Tension), (C: Cardio Disease), (D: Encephala Apathy), (E: Gastric ulcer), and finally (F: Bronchial Asthma). This multi attribute disease is considered with ages of patients as well as the sex, although the continued validation and review was done by cooperating the efforts of doctors and physicians and helper, but in this research we introduce statistical test in simple method and with special program written using Minitab. The test regarding the relations between all six chronic disease with age and with sex to test various hypothesis related with subject of research in order to satisfy the aims required from these statistical test.