Validity of ultrasound examination in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis compared with surgical results


Objective: To assess the validity of ultrasound examination in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis.
Methods: This case series study included 750 patients. From January 2003 to March 2007, patients with suspected acute appendicitis were sent to the radiological section in the AL-Jamhory teaching hospital and my private clinic for sonography.
A distended appendix with a lumen more than 6mm, aperistaltic appendix with appendicolith in its lumen are all signs and criteria for the diagnosis of acute appendicitis.
Result: Of the 750 patients suspected to have acute appendicitis who were examined by sonography, 527 were males and 223 females. 468 patients had true acute appendicitis, and 220 patients were negative for this disease.
Thirty patients showed false positive diagnosis, while 32 patients proved to have false negative results. The overall sensitivity of ultrasound examination to diagnose acute appendicitis was 94%, specificity 88%, accuracy 92%, positive predictive value 93% and negative predictive value was 88%.
Conclusion: sonography must be used as first modality to assess suspected acute appendicitis. It is easy, non invasive, simple and rapid.