Using the Talent management as choose for enforcement of competitive advantage for the organization: field research in university performance units


Abstract This study tried to focus the light on the relation talent management in enforcing competitive advantage for the colleges. Talent management represents modern direction to manage the human resources and the principle source to provide the organizations with high skill employees and distinguished performance .Due to the great changes of the environment which are the colleges carry out their responsibilities, several colleges started looking for means and ways to strengthen their competitive advantage. The Problem of Field study is represented by the existence of clear failure in implementation of the activities of Talent management and negligence of its role in consolidate competitive advantage in Iraqi colleges. Adopted The questionnaire as a tool to collect data of the study according to ready criteria and standards by using pentagonal Liker grade . It was subjected to the measures of honest and firmness, and distributed among (64) person from the employees in university performance units in (18) colleges from five Iraqi universities: “ Baghdad , Almustansiriya , Technical , Alnahrain , and Iraqi university “ . To analyze the data of the study, we used Statistics programs (SPSS) and (Excel) .The statistic approaches showed several results , the most important one was the existence of moral relation the Talent management in consolidating the competitive advantage for the colleges . Regarding discussion of the results , the study presented several conclusions , out of the talent management are the competitive advantage for the colleges under dynamic environment that worked in the matter , which required increasing concentration on application of the activities of talent management ,that a working within , through knowing the advanced experiences of other advanced countries and make use of it in a best way .