Comparative study of anxiety levels by playing centers for the players clubs Diyala province, football


Ensure the door the first definition of research and its importance by identifying the level of concern among football players , according to their positions in the play and then a comparison between these levels Kkhtorh to see the level of concern and find solutions appropriate training for more psychological factors that affect and directly on the level of performance of soccer players , but the research problem , which is to find out the status of anxiety and stress and tensile strength during the competition , which negatively affects the level of performance . For this Artia researcher conduct a study of the anxiety levels of the football players by playing centers , and research aimed to identify the level of concern among football players , The second section consisted of theoretical studies related to the search user and also touched on some of the studies similar . The researcher used the descriptive method on a sample of club Muqdadiyah, Balad Ruz , Wajihiya , rosettes , and numbered (40) as a player knowing that the community is the original (44) as a player while in Chapter IV have been presented in the results in the form of tables and then analyzed and discussed in a scientific manner dependent on strengthen the findings of the scientific sources researcher researcher has used appropriate statistical methods. In light of the results that have been reached researcher conclude the following - That concern appeared facilitator affect the players rush towards achieving better performance and this is what emerged when the research sample and in the light of the findings the researcher recommended the following: -- Paying attention to the psychological and educational aspects that would promote anxiety facilitator and that reduce the impact.