Enabling Higher Education To Confront The Developmental Challenges Through Sustainable Universities


Primary to higher education is experiencing the ignorance of the principles of sustainable development which has crippled the Education’s ability to confront the vast challenges facing Iraq’s transformation to the Sustainable Development. The Universities in Iraq have the major responsibility to educate the present generation; represented by the youth undergraduate students and enable them to be fully aware of the challenges to development in Iraq; Unilateral Resources, Food Security and Corruption. The Sustainable University represents the excellent opportunity to flourish a knowledge base developmental human capacity through applicable research and field experiences that would enable the undergraduates and Academics to be in close touch with environmental sustainability, human and social capacity building, and utilizing the infrastructure and services at the university to support the institutional sustainability as much as providing the opportunity to Education for Sustainable Development.This paper is investigating the present condition of Education in Iraq and the possible contributions of Higher Education in the transformation process towards Sustainable Development in Iraq through Sustainable Universities.