Evaluation Of Bearing Capacity For Model Piles Driven In Sandy Soil


This study represents an effort to study the effect of driven pile type and relative density of the sand on the evaluation of bearing capacity of pile under two different types of loading, compression and tension (uplift) loads. Results of the observed failure load compared with common methods have been used to predict and calculate pile load capacity in case of compression and tension loads. Three types of piles were used in this study these were (precast concrete pile, closed-ended steel pile and open-ended steel pile). New values proposed to the bearing capacity factor (Nq) and the lateral earth pressure coefficient (K). These factors are functions of relative density of sand (Dr %), (L/D) ratio and pile types. Also new charts were proposed to determine the (End bearing pressure) and the (Uplift load pressure) depending on (L/D) ratio and relative density of sand, and the types of pile.