The Role of Human Capital in Improving Marketing Performance: A Study of Employees Sample in National Company for Drugs and Medical Instruments / Nineveh


The study attempts to explain the role of human capital in improving marketing performance ; due to the vitality of human capital ,this concept should be adopted by organizations, especially the productive organizations in order to be able to improve marketing performance as it is the fundamental basis in any organization to be able to provide high quality products. So, the research adopted in its field study, human capital as a an explaining variable represented by (skills of employees, employees experience, employees knowledge, the ability of employees creativity) and marketing performance as a responsive variable and to outline a hypothetical scheme for the research that reflects the nature of correlation and impact between human capital on the one hand and improve marketing performance, on the other. A total of main hypotheses resulted which were tested by using the statistical data collected through a questionnaire distributed to respondent individuals (employees). The research found a number of the most important conclusions : there is a relation and influence with significance for human capital variables in improving marketing performance.