Fine Needle Aspiration Versus Open Biopsy for Testicular Sperm Recovery in Infertile Azoospermic Patients


Background and Objectives: This study aimed to develop a predictive model for sperm retrieval rate(SRR) sperm recovery by testicular fine-needle aspiration (TESA) & compare with (SRR) obtained by per cutanuose open biopsy sperm aspiration (PSA) correlating with hormonal parameters.Materials and Methods: This is a prospective study for sample obtained from 45 male patients during the period from January 2011-march2012.Clinical, paraclinical, and histological information of patients were gathered. All patients underwent both TESA and PSA in a single operation. Predictors of SRR by TESA were identified comparing with predictive outcome of PSA .Statistical Analysis Used: Categorical and continuous variables were compared using independent t test and -chi-square test. Logistic regression model was applied to develop a predictive model for SRR by TESA & PSA outcome.Results: Sperm retrieval rate for TESA and PSA was 42.2% and 48.8%, respectively (P = 0.03).Regarding age group is more common in 4th (50.3%), while 3rd & 5th dacedes each of them (20%). The duration of infertility were variable ranging from (10-20) years. Testis volume, luteinizing hormone, prolactin, and testosterone did not differ between patients.Conclusions: Serum FSH and testicular pathology were predictors of SRR by TESA. Patients with FSH < 23 IU/l and/or testicular pathology of hypospermatogenesis had comparable SRR by TESA versus PSA.