Modification of Polyvinyl Pyrrolidinone, Chitosan with Paracetamol As a Drug Carrier Polymer


Abstract:The drug polymer was prepared by modification of polyvinylpyrrolidinone (PVP) withparacetamol through ester group formation, and partially ring opening of PVP withparacetomol, could let the chitosan to graft on other rings of PVP.Also the NH2 group of chitosan was reacted with PVP produced a new copolymerbiopolymer; the prepared polymers were characterized by UV, FT-IR,1H-NMRSpectroscopies, DSC thermal analysis was carried out.Controlled drug release was studied in different PH values. The physical propertiesand intrinsic viscosity were measured. The work aimed to prolong the sustainable drugdelivery system.