Testing Iraqi Foreign Language Learners' Awareness of English General Extenders


ABSTRACTGeneral extenders are very important expressions that are used to end utterances but extending them at the same time; by doing so, they indicate that there is much than what is said. They fall into two main kinds: adjunctive and disjunctive. Actually, the subject is somehow complex as to the different views of the scholars who discussed the subject. Therefore, in one hand, this paper aims at collecting and unifying information about the subject to make it clear for the reader what is meant by a general extender. On the other hand, this study aims at testing the students' awareness of such an important subject. It is, actually, hypothesized that the students at the University of Tikrit do not know what is meant by general extenders in English; and that they may have no idea of the main kinds of the subject. However, a test is built to find out whether the results agree with the hypotheses of this study or not. The fourth stage students in the Department of Translation in the College of Arts are chosen for analysis in this study.