Carcinoma of stomach in Diyala governorate before and after 2003


Back ground: Gastric carcinoma it remains the leading cause of cancer death world-wide. There is marked geographical variation in incidence. Gastric cancer is more common in men and the incidence rises sharply after 50 years of age, the 5-year survival rate is 5 to 15%, More than 85% of gastric cancers are adenocarcinomas. 15% are Gastric lymphomas or gastrointestinal stromal tumors. H. pylori infection may be responsible for 60-70% of cases and acquisition of infection at an early age may be important. Diets rich in salted, smoked or pickled foods and the consumption of nitrites and nitrates may increase cancer risk. Objective: to determine the incidence, sex and age group of gastric cancer 6 year before and 6year after 2003. Material and method:a retrospective study done in baghuba teaching hospital (endoscopy unit), show no. of patient have ca. stomach diagnosed endoscopicaly from 9785 patients were did endoscopy, we found 239 patients had ca. stomach. Result: from 9785 endoscopic patient we found 239 patients had ca stomach 113 patient 6 y. before 2006 and 125 patients after 2003 ,also found ca stomach more common in elderly people after age of 55year and more common in male than female. Conclusion: ca stomach it remains the leading cause of cancer death world-wide so every patient have feature of ca. stomach or liable of ca stomach such as +ve family history or others risk factors can diagnosed easily by endoscopy then treated in early stage of malignancy