The research has prepared programmed mathematical techniques by Visual basic language for analysis, design and calculating the optimization of precast prestress hollow core slab panels. The research deals with the optimization by adopting the modified Hooke-Jeevs method which is considered as a very suitable method especially for problems have many constraints. The formalizing of objective function was discussed according to required purpose. The aim of the study is to discuss three parameters (optimum weight, optimum cost and optimum live load). It is found that the average void percentage ratio regarding the optimum weight is about (50%) whereby the section tends to be in a shape where the voids become less than thickness and width take into consideration that the section is subjected to all the constraints (voids percentage tends to be much more than the regular case), as well as, it is found that the average of void percentage ratio concerning with the optimum cost is about (41%). The research also adopted preparing designable tables which are informative and easy in use practically for different kind of hollow core slab sections, it is found from the prepared maximum live load tables that the deflection restricts the span length not less than (60%), furthermore that adding topping slab (5cm) thickness increase the span length about (16-20) % for thicknesses (15-22) cm.