The Impact Of Thyroid Dysfunction And TSH On The Pathogenesis Of Gallstone And Its Composition


Objectives: to study the impact of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) levels and thyroid dysfunction on the pathogenesis of gallstones and their compositions. Methodology: a study is applied including measuring of TSH levels in serum blood of (100) patients with gallstones diagnosed by sonographically or current cholecystectomy ( from April 2009 – April 2011 )with regarded to the differences between sex of patients and predominated of gallstone type with age . The researcher used statistical analysis) Chi X2 test ( to the data.Results: the search results showed significant increase in the rate of pathogenesis in female, but TSH levels is higher in male than female (p < 0.001). And cholesterol gallstone type is predominated (p < 0.0001). Current results were stated that the thyroid dysfunction had a role in the formation of gallstones.Conclusion : there is a significant association between the gallstones and thyroid dysfunctionRecommendations: the study recommends that must handling and treatment the thyroid dysfunction and hormonal dysfunction especially TSH.