Effect No Tillage And Seed Rates In Growth And Yield Of Wheat Triticum astivium L. And Associated weed In Regions Different Rains.


The experiment was carried out activity ICARDA program in Naniva province - Iraq to study the effect tillage systems (no tillage ,conventional tillage) and seed rates (80,100,120 kg/h) from wheat variety (sham 6) in three location (Al-Mahlabaya not water fall guaranteed 212.2 mm, Al-Hmdaneya a semi water fall guaranteed 298 mm and Al-Shakan water fall guaranteed 572mm).To aim limited growth weed and increased yield productivity wheat .during growing season 2012-2011.The study include two factors the first tillage system (on tillage , conventional (farmer methods )) the second seed rates (80,100,120).The factorial experiment RCBD design in three replicates. Result indicated reduced number narrow and broad leaves weed in zero tillage comparative with convention till reach up (22.37 ,71.03 ,0.66, 10.28) respectively. superiority no tillage system in yield up to 122.1 kg/h . lessen dry weight narrow weed in shakan compared with other two location and lower broad weed in Al-Mahlabaya compared with other two location decreased weight weed with increased seed rates to 120 kg/h .In general obtained high yield in interaction seed rate 120 kg/h in no tillage in shakan location reach up 2150 kg/h.