Requirements validation techniques :A case of prototype of the Technical Institute for Administration


requirements validation techniques (RVTs) play important role to detect possible defects in the requirements (functional, non-functional ). Prototypes are good way to demonstrate the requirements and help stakeholders discover problems. The key advantage of a prototyping-based methodology is that it very quickly provides a system for the users to interact with, even if it is not initially ready for widespread organizational use. The proposed web application has been tested based on the usability, System quality has a considerable effect on ease of use and does directly influence the users' intention to use the TIAS in the future. The analysis indicates that the attractiveness of the user interface, performance and the functionalities are critical success factors of TIAS acceptance. the mean of intention to use and ease of use are respectively 3.77 and 3.54 on a 5-point Likert scale. These results show that TIAS is well accepted in general.