The effect of physical training program onbody composition and body mass index


Objectives: To evaluate the effect of physical training program on body composition and body mass index, and to evaluate the body mass index as predictor of body fat in young adults.
Material and methods: Prospective was done at the College of Physical Education – University of Mosul, first year students (100) male and (22) female were participated in this study. A physical training program of 2 hours (aerobic exercise) daily for 4 days per week for 4 months. Medical height and weight scales (Detector) and bio-electrical impedance analysis measurements device(Quantum П) were used for measurements.
Results: Physical training program has significant effect on body weight, BMI and free fat mass, but has no significant effect on fat mass.
Conclusions: Physical training program increase BMI and free fat mass but has no significant effect on fat mass. BMI is a specific test for overweight and obesity but it is not a sensitive test.

Keywords: BMI, physical training program, body composition.