Study the FTIR of Hydroxyapatite Addi-tive to Heat Cured Acrylic Resin


To evaluate the FTIR of Hydroxyapatite additives 2 %, and 5 % of dry (HAP) prepared fromegg shells to the polymer. Materials and Methods: Thirty six specimens of heat cured acrylic resinand other specimens of heat cured acrylic resin with 2 % and or 5 % prepared then immersed in distilledwater for 48 hours then dried for 24 hours then scratched with sharp knife and measured by FTIRspectra. Results: The result showed when adding 2% &/or 5% hydroxy apatite to heat cured acrylicresin denture base material resulting a homogenous mixture, without chemical reaction in between andwithout changes of acrylic resin properties. Conclusion: they can be used together in patients withbone hydroxy apatite deficiency


FTIR test, Dry, HAP