Laparoscopic nephrectomy in Iraqi cat


The aim of this study was to standardize laparoscopic nephrectomy and to study its effects on body status and survival possibility on 8 healthy domestic cats from both sexes. Their age were ranged between 1-2 years. The laparoscopic nephrectomy was easy and feasible by using laparoscopy thermocautery tool. The right kidney was removed in all animals. Time consuming, success of operation and post-operative complications were dependent to support this study. The obtained results of the current study showed short time consuming 30±1.6 min. Procedures were successfully done with mild complications. Laparoscopic thermocautery indicated as an efficient tool for cutting and controlling bleeding at the same time. In conclusion, the use of thermocautery for laparoscopic nephrectomy in cats was feasible and exhibited efficient tools for cutting and securing vessels of the kidney, but the tool had a drawback by producing smoke with in abdominal cavity that partially obscuring the laparoscopic vision.