The Effect of Learning Together Strategy on Developing Listening and Speaking Skills and Adjusting retrieval Behavior by Special Education Pupils


The Current research aims at investigating the effect of Learning Together strategy on developing listening–speaking skills and adjusting retrieval behavior by special education pupils. The researcher used the experimental design of two groups(experimental and control). The population of the research was third primary class pupils of special education at the center of Nineveh Governorate for the academic year (2012-2013).The sample consisted of (17) pupils divided into two groups: (9)pupils in the experimental and(8) pupils in the control group. The researcher adopted the list of observing speaking – listening skills made by Al-Wakfi (2009).The researcher prepare a tool to measure retrieval behavior by special education pupils that includes (24)items. The validity of the two tools was extracted by presenting them to a panel of experts. Reliability was extracted using Alfa-Kronbach formula for speaking and listening skills. Listening Reliability was (0.84) and speaking reliability was (0.86).Split- half method was used for retrieval behavior measure and the Reliability was (0.83). The tools were applied both groups. After treating the data statistically using Man -Whitney test , the results showed statistically significant differences between the experimental group that used Learning Together Strategy and the control group that used Traditional method in developing listening and speaking and infavor of the experimental group, as well as an adjustment in retrieval behavior in favor of the experimental group. Thus, the researcher recommends the necessity of Learning Together Strategy in teaching special education pupils and suggested initiating a similar study for fourth primary class pupils in Arabic language grammar.


retrieval, Behavior