Rehabilitation of foreign direct investment climate as one of the requirements


Abstract: The phenomenon of globalization and the revolution in information and communications have made world a small village, where removed all restrictions and barriers, particularly with regard to the free movement of capital, labor, goods and services . The foreign direct investment in this area one of the most important mechanisms of transmission of foreign capital , as witnessed remarkable development as a result of the vital role it plays in developing countries; It contributes to increase the productive capacity, thereby increasing growth rates and operating as well as to take advantage of modern technology associated with it, and patterns of governance developed, as well as human resource training, which leads to maximize gains for the host Country . As developing countries Algeria have made efforts to be reckoned with in creating an investment environment through the issuance of a number of laws and provide incentives tax alluring and renewal of a lot of structures basal to suit the requirements of the next stage, but classified by international bodies in the centers late at all levels, this is making it one of the countries in the investment risk.