The future of the Iraqi economy in light of the regional economic relations


AbstractIraq suffers from many , internal and external, economic problems and challenges, so there a need to adopt a national economic strategy to restructure the economy in line with our conditions, global developments and to begin opening up to neighboring countries to establish better economic relations with them subject to its geographical location and the possibility of economic entanglement with the Iraqi economy Solving the Iraqi economy problems, therefore, depends on the strategy of interlocking economic relations with neighboring countries. So, this study attempted to reveal the following: 1 - Know the internal problems and challenges faced by the Iraqi economy.2 - Know the external problems and challenges that came from neighboring countries and which affect the Iraqi economy. 3 - What are the opportunities for Iraq to solve economic problems?4 - How can solve economic problems through economic relationship with neighboring countries? 5 - What are the economic problems faced by the neighboring countries, which can be resolved through economic ties with Iraq.