philosophy study of human resources management in strategic perspective


This paper discusses the subject deeply in human resource management, with intellectual and philosophical in modern administrative thought. The focus of the target on the identification of the strategic concept of human resource management practices in business organizations. It studied the scientific concept, in terms of how it has been the shift from personnel management, and to human resources management, and then to HR management strategy. The research has included extensive serious discussions about the nature of the changes, and how to determine the nature and content of the strategic perspective of human resources management in the changing and volatile world of business. It was also the explanation and clarification theoretical philosophies that came in various previous studies, and identify paths in the adoption of appropriate intellectual entrance appropriate in the management of human resources in the organizations of the third millennium. The paper included topics enormous focused mostly on substance philosophical human resources management and research interests in addressing the fundamentals of the roots of human resource management and its relation to shifts ongoing change, the shift from managing people to managing human resources, the transition from human resource management to human resource management strategy, strategic perspective human resources management, philosophies theory in the study of strategic human resource management, and the entrances to the study of human resources management strategy. And it has concluded the paper to the conclusion that a philosophy of human resource management perspective strategic as a function goes beyond the responsibility of executives for human resources, to put into consideration the role of each other managers, especially managers main activities of the organization as managers other human resources, each according to its location, and its role in responsibility hierarchical organization.According to the strategic perspective that human resource management systems will serve as a sophisticated systematic multi-dimensional composed of elements that can combine in different ways to get an infinite number of possible configurations to achieve organizational excellence. The main idea is to basically select systems for human resources management "model - a standard" is perfect, do not necessarily reflect the concrete phenomenon experimentally.