The impact of customer contact on operation performance Case study in the specialist Dental Centre in Al-alwia


the researchers Sought to determine the impact of the customer contact (Within a client contact there are two times, first is the total time required to create a service and within it there is contact time while the second time is the time of client contact ؛ where means a time that records the physical presence of the customer during the process of service) on operations performance by concentrate attention on the cost (labor productivity) and quality (patient ratio to the doctor) and speed (cycle time) and flexibility (the flexibility range) , as well as ruling out variable of innovation because of impossibility to measure this variable in the Specialty Center for Dental in al-alwia due to the center is lacking of mechanisms to explain the effect that the customer holds contact, research ,however, occupies great importance to being treated an important issue in the introducing service is to contact between the customer and the service provider, in addition , because of the importance of the topic and the expected results of the Center at hand, the researchers had conducted analyzing of qualitative data obtained from the reality of the records for the Specialist Center and for a twenty-four period, nature of this center combines two attributes: first is to provide the service , the second it is working according to a system like one’s of commodity organizations by working for certain hours where result in decline in number of quantitative measures that can be relied upon and it was analyzed data across a range of reliable quantitative measures, the most prominent results that have been reached refers to high impact to the average elapsed time during the physical presence of the patient with the service provider to perform operations through its four objectives of work productivity, the patient to the doctor ratio , cycle time and the flexibility of operations , Regarding the assumptions that examine interdependence between the decision of customer contact and operations performance, the result was inverse interdependence between the average contact time of the customer , labor productivity and the patient to the doctor ratio and the flexibility of operations , positive with cycle time , because of an increase in average of contact time will result in increase the production cycle time and thus lower speed in the service, but the main recommendations are the need to find correct mechanism to determine the time of contact, depending on information systems