Application Effect of the Conflict Management Strategies On Increasing Workers Productivity at the Electricity Company (IGEC) (Field Study Irbid Governorate)


Research aimed to explore the Application Effect of the Conflict Management Strategies by the managements to solve conflict between and inside the conflicted parties within (IGEC) to increase the productivity of the workers. To collect data, 110 questioners had been distributed among managers and heads of departments of all managerial levels, 102 answered questioners regained, 5 of them were disqualify for statistical analytic, only 97 were taking in consideration for statistical analysis presenting 93% of the retained number.SPSS Program supported with a group of statistical tools, had been used for analysis purposes such as Kronbach Alpha test to assure the validity & stability of the tool, mains, and standard deviation, hypothesis approved by using simple deviation.The most important conclusions comes out of this research were; •The existence sign of statistical function to the effect of applying the strategies of integration, conciliation, and avoidance used by managements in increasing productivity.•There were no sign of effect in statistical function by the use of bargaining or domination strategies in increasing productivity.The most important recommendations were:•Pay much interest and consideration to the dialogue and discussion process between workers to solve the conflict among them by concession of part of their goals.•Company should seek the persuasion of one side with the point of view of their opponents to increase productivity.