Map of Numerical Change for Maysan Governorate for the Period 1977-2010 Employing Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


Geographic information systems are considered today a decisive factor in forming the population maps for they are designed in modern developed methods. The map is regarded as an active way to represent the geographic phenomena whether natural or human for no study is to be successful unless it is supported by maps and diagrams designed according to sound scientific, arithmetic, and technical bases being made by whether classic methods or geographic information systems. Hence, the cartographer must have a precise artistic, scientific taste when producing maps. The population maps have an importance in the economic and social planning for there are some recent factors that help improve the population maps resulting from the development in geographic information systems programs, the computer systems, and the cartographic and sensorial techniques that are capable of analyzing the statistic data automatically. Accordingly, it has become a must to focus on the role of the population map in illustrating the relationships and variables found in the statistic, population values by the ability of the statistic maps to connect the population elements and their relationships and variables concerning the geographic spatial locations