Phenomenology and its impact on the performance of the actor in the Iraqi theater performances


Criticism Schools appeared to confirm the need for cash produce a new meaning, Ungroup attributed to (Jacques Derrida), which stressed the importance of the verbal side, which he called (metaphysics Elhoudorh) refers to the importance of the part of speech as the system is visible. Reader-response criticism, the direction in which it assigned to (Norman terrifying end) and (Harold Bloom) assert that the multiple readings of the text? Because one reading of the text is not enough literary lies the secret to the meaning of the text creates and produces each time new production differs from the previous production. The pioneers of modern criticism (Allen Tate) and (t. B. Blakmz) and (William. K. Features and Son), alerted to the importance of addressing T.. Q. Eliot's poem, which is also considered poetry and not something else, because they form self-sufficient and therefore work is literary independently of each independence from the writer of this should be considered a literary work as an independent entity on the directives of the writer and affiliations, social, religious, and the effects of the psychological and moral to it. Alchuklanyen Russians (Victor Hkulovski) and (Yan Mukarovsky) and (Roman Aopsn) relied on the premise of conflict between the language of literary or poetic language routine and this discrepancy was caused by giving the language the usual significance by the trend for Chklana because they are responsible for the transfer of the message to listeners by basing to the outside world for this language, literary language and interested in bringing attention to the formal qualities of self to any internal relationships among signals language itself.


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