The concept of satire in the theater texts of Mohammed Maghout


The variables of political, social and economic impact of large discourse creative observer of those variables Perhaps the playwright of the first who cared for those variables, the fact that the theater is an art first, which reflects and directly on the issues of the community, as it provides a point of view in a constructive in itself, and when it is used as part of a protest or opposition, it tends to create simply the wrong questions rather than providing solutions. this confirms that the booming cash-in communities is closely linked to the atmosphere of the writing open to the diversity and freedom of creativity, and that whenever narrowed this space turning the art of cash to taunt and clear, and this has become kind of sarcasm is some way expressive language and refused reductase in the subconscious mind of the human being, they are the same time reveal the frustration myself big and the face of a negative reality; because the policy of oppression and gagged and frequent revolutions and changes polished Arab writer who claimed writes his criticism of colors grief and pain.


Humanities, Theater