Evaluation of Integrity of Mesh of Different Orthodontic Brackets


Aims: To evaluate and compare the effect of micro etcher model II on geometrical integrity of base of variable types of orthodontic brackets after etching and compared with new bracket. Materials and Methods: Twenty seven brackets were divided into three groups of nine. Group one was titanium brackets, group two was stainless steel brackets and group three was ceramic brackets. Brackets had been previously bonded to glass slide with same adhesives. All groups were carefully removed with debonding plier and again all groups cleaned from the adhesive material by microetcher and the bases of all brackets examined with stereomicroscope and compared with control group. Results: There are significant differences between the control group and reconditioning groups "stainless steel, pure tita-nium and ceramic brackets". While, the stainless steel and ceramic groups have the lower percentage of deformity in geometrical integrity. Also, the reconditioned groups showed no significant difference among them.Conclusions: This study showed that the microetcher can be used for reconditioning for all types of orthodontic bracket bases; however, minimal damaging may be occurring in orthodontic bracket. Microetcher plays a role in roughness of base of orthodontic bracket.