Face Detection Based on Multi Facial Feature using Fuzzy Logic


The goal of face detection is to locate all regions that contain aface. This paper has a simple face detection procedure, first to segmentskin region from an image, and second, to decide these regions containhuman face or not. Our procedure is based on hybrid skin colorsegmentation using three color spaces RGB, YCbCr and HIS and humanface features using entropy.For the purpose of extracting feature, rather than looking at thewhole image of the face, and put the entropy based on the selection ofskin region, which selects high informative segments of the facial image,compared with entropy of ORL image using the Euclidean distance .Alsothe golden ratio and the size of skin region decide where this region isface or no through the fuzzy system. Fuzzy logic got great acceptance ofthe various fields therefore it used in this paper to cover the difference inthe parameter of face. The method provides a suitable method forextracting information. The proposed method has been tested on variousreal images and its performance is found to be quite satisfactory withdetection accuracy 94.74 %.