Design and Implementation of a Website Usability Model


Evaluating the quality of a website helps to assess whether or notthe website is meeting its intended purpose for the intended users.Besides, the results of the evaluation can help to understand the parts ofthe website that need modifications to bring an improvement in thewebsite. Usability is one of the most important quality factors in any qualitymodel for the website.In this paper a Website Usability Model (WUM) for informationalwebsites from developer perspective was designed and implemented, anextensive study of the literature on existing quality models, essentialwebsite success factors and criteria was made to identify necessaryquality characteristics, sub- characteristics and criteria. The proposedWUM able to evaluates the usability of academic websites automaticallyonline and makes a suggestion according to the results. It includes fourlayers browsing layer, parsing layer, evaluation layer and suggestion layer.The experimental results showed that the WUM able to make a decisionssuch that some websites in general have a good scale of usability, whileother websites having defects in the usability be revisited using the WUMsuggestions.