(Analysis of the relationship between some Albyukinmetekih variables for accuracy shooting skill front from falling handball)


A search on the five-door isConsisted first door on the front and the importance of research where it was addressed to the importance of science Albayumikanek is a basic science in Physical Education, which analyzes movements the human body from the point of view laws mechanics, taking into account the biological conditions (whether mechanical or anatomical or physiological or psychological) to access the best or optimal technique as well as that of a scientific fields that supply the physical education laws and interpretations of objectivity and logical and it can not raise any game without the benefit of the knowledge on Albayumikanek way Calendar can be found right in the performance and level of any game or skill The foregoing reflects the importance of research to shed light on some of the variables Albyukinmetekih and correlation between these variables in order to put that information in the hands of our trainers and our players and be recognized in the form of values quantity and this is what generates the ability for the player to greater understanding of these variables and their importance in the performance of skill correction from falling Front, which reflected positively in order to improve the level of play Also contained this section on the research problem, exemplified by the need to know the coach and the player precise relationship of interdependence between variables Albyukinmetekih to this skill and subdue skill correction from falling front of the study and analysis lead to subject to the conditions of mechanical and which constitute keys skill and values and quantitative data are facts serve the technical side of the skill, and that the lack of accurate knowledge of the correlation between variables Albyukinmetekih skill leads to the lack of success and upgrading performance skills, prompting the researcher to study this skill The goal of the research is 1) identify the correlation between some Elkinmetekih variables for accuracy shooting skill from falling front handball. The imposition of the research is 1) there is a correlation between some Albyukinmetekih variables for accuracy shooting skill from falling front handball areas of research are the human sphere:(5) to represent the youth team players Muthanna1 2 -20 / 3/2012 the temporal domain: - ( 2 3) the spatial domain: - Youth Forum Hall Muthanna *The second section has included theoretical studies was addressed to the analysis methods Albayumikanek motor performance and correction handball and corrigendum reel types hand and also touched on the front correction from falling handball. *Part three has included research methodology and Ograeth field has researcher used the descriptive style studies relational being the best way to solve the problem of search was addressed to the description of the sample in addition to said devices and tools used, said the experience reconnaissance and experience the main imaging video as well as analysis computer in addition to the research variables and methods measured *The fourth section has been touched it to view and analyze and discuss the results The fifth section was included conclusions and recommendations