Audiological profile in diabetic patients


Background: The auditory system is a potential target of the damaging effect of diabetes mellitus. Objective: To assess the clinical impact of diabetes mellitus on hearing. Patients and Methods: This is a case control study in which we assess the hearing of 60 diabetic patients of both types (type 1 and type 2 diabetes) regarding (age, gender, type, duration and control) of diabetes mellitus and compare it with 60 normal (age and gender match) control group. Thorough history and full ENT examination done for both diabetic patients and control group to exclude those with other causes of sensorineural hearing loss. Pure tone audiometry were done for all patients and normal control group and (5cc) of blood were taken from diabetic patients for assessment of HbA1c level.Results: This study shows that there is significant increase (p value <0.00004) of prevalence sensorineural hearing loss among diabetic patient compared with normal (age and gender match) control group. The sensorineural hearing loss was mostly for high frequency (P value at 4000Hz was ˂0.0001 which is significant), and the loss is proportionate with the duration of diabetes and is more in uncontrolled diabetes than controlled group(according to their HbA1c level) and the P value was 0.0082 (significant). There is no significant effect of type of diabetes mellitus on hearing loss (P value was 0.4526 which is not significant). Conclusion: High frequency sensorineural hearing impairment is one of the complications of diabetes mellitus.Recommendation: regular hearing assessment being a part of follow up program of diabetic patients.