Ameliorated effect of green tea extract on cadmium toxicity in liver and kidney of rats


In the present study , the effect of green tea extract (GTE) on cadmium induced toxicity was studied in albino rats.Four groups of rats were used in this study: group I (control group) fod daily with diets for all time of experiment, group II ( Cd – group ) received daily 6ppm of cadmium chloride ,group III(GTE + Cd)rats were given daily the cadmium as in group II in adding the GTE at concentration 0.02 gm/kg, group IV(GTE group ) received daily 0.02 gm / kg of GTE.Cadmium and GTE were given orally to the rats with diets daily for ten days . The animals of different groups were weighted after the end of treatment , then all animals were scarified , liver and kidney were excised immediately,weighted by senstive digital balance and histological preperation would be done to examine the pathological changes by hematoxylin and Eosin staining.Liver index and kidney index would be calculated for comparsion them among all groups of this study . The result of this study demonstrates that Cd has a cytotoxic effects on liver and kidney cells of rats and GTE consumption can effectively reduce the injury of the cells in these tissues .