Dental caries risk indicators by using International Caries Detection and Assessment System in Mosul City.


Aims: To determine the effect of risk factors such as income level, socioeconomic status, parents education, brushing behavior , dental attendance, type of treatment performed and others on dental ca-ries severity of permanent teeth. Materials and Methods: Sample size was (531) students (260 males and 271 females) who were selected randomly from (10) primary and intermediate schools in Mosul City, their ages were ranged between (6-16) years. Risk factors considered on caries severity included parent's income level, parent's education, visiting the dentist, types of dental treatment performed and brushing behavior. Distribution of dental caries on each side of the mouth, DMFT and the percentage of caries free students were also considered. Caries severity was measured using International Caries Detection and Assessment System. Results: These factors have an effect to increase or decrease caries severity either significantly or not significantly. Conclusion: These risk factors should be kept in mind when we decide to reduce caries severity.