Tnas figure in the Arts of Bostmodernism


Not without the art of system relationships and Tkablat moving from one location to another, according to a certain logic, to open up the result, according to the mechanisms of metaphor, according to the mechanisms of metaphor and deportation, replacement and inclusion, and by the mechanism analysis of the re-arrangement, the prospects of a new variety of renderings art (the intersection of texts among them), to achieve this construction Almtnavz shift aesthetically, ensures art Tname infinite horizons and interpretive and aesthetic. Therefore, this research sought to examine the contradiction figure in the arts of postmodernism, which are of four chapters. Included the first chapter both of the research problem, and purpose, and its importance and the need for, and limits of objectivity and spatial and Alrmanih, and determine the definitions of language and idiomatic and procedural search terms