Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Status inColorectal Cancer and Healthy Subject


Background: Total antioxidant status(TAO), superoxide dismutase (SOD) and Catalase (CAT) areantioxidant defensive enzymes that are catalyze the reduction of reactive oxygen species (ROS) to nonharmful substance. Aim: The study focuses on the serum super oxide dismutase enzyme level, CAT level andtotal antioxidant status in colorectal cancer patients, which result due to an imbalance between aggressiveand defensive factors. Materials and Methods: the study included 40 patients and 20 healthy individuals forcomparative analysis were considered for the present study. (TAO), serum (SOD) and (CAT) levels of eachindividual were performed. Results: Statistical analysis of serum antioxidant enzymes level and antioxidantstatus revealed a significant increase in SOD, CAT of patients group (p.≥0.05), and (P.≥0.01) respectively.The TAO was significant increase (p.≥0.001). The increasing preponderance of serum SOD, CAT levelsand the TAO can be explained on the basis of alteration on enzymes activity, which may lead to disturbancein homeostasis of antioxidant/oxidant balance... Conclusions: TAO, Catalase and Superoxide dismutaseenzyme used a biomarker of enzymatic alteration in different diseases including cancer.