The role of monetary policy in achieving economic stability and growth in Iraq for the period (2004-2011) Abstract :


The objective of this research to analyze the effectiveness of monetary policy in achieving economic stability and growth for the period 2004-2011 ،This period of time saw a fundamental shift in monetary policy after the issuing new law the Central Bank of the full independence of the monetary authority ،This is Prompt the monetary authority to bring about a change in the philosophy and objectives and the tools used to achieve the desired goals ،Which give them the ability to control the size of the money supply and to achieve price stability Indeed، Monetary policy has been able to achieve the golden triangle of economic stability ،Consisted of staff، exchange rate stability and low and stable general level of prices in relative terms، while representing the third pillar to build a strong reserve of foreign currency ،This could provide a stable investment environment، which is the basis of economic growth process. But the country's economic policy has failed to exploit those stable environment ، Creating intersection or a lack of coordination between monetary policy objectives and goals of economic policies، particularly fiscal policy .