Preparation and In-vitro Evaluation a modified release dosage forms of paracetamol using propolis supplement powder as matrix forming agent


The Purpose of present study was to prepare and evaluate new modified release formulations of paracetamol using supplement powder of propolis (bee glue) as matrices for release. Two types of formulations were prepared (physical blends of drug and propolis powder and solid matrix form by solvent evaporation method). Pre compression (compressibility index, hausner ratio and angle of repose) and post compression (hardness, friability and disintegration tests) evaluation studies were done. Tablets and capsules were prepared for paracetamol formulations. The drug: propolis powder interaction was evaluated by FT-IR spectroscopic method. The dissolution rate of the formulations was studied by USP dissolution. The data of release were subjected to different models in order to determined their release mechanisms and kinetics. The results show that, the drug release (87 %, 85.9% and 73% which is in the order of F1>F2>F3 at 5 hrs) was higher from the formulation prepared by direct compression of physical blends as compared to solid matrix formulations prepared by solvent evaporation method(42.5 %, 40.8 % and 33.6 % for FM1, FM2 and FM3 respectively). Drug release kinetics shows the drug release by nonfickian diffusion mechanism. Results indicate that incorporation of propolis powder in the formulations decreased drug release and the tablet formulation was better in comparison with capsules formulation. The developed propolis matrix tablets of parcetamol may be used for modified release of drug.